Our Approach

Our duty is to serve out community by providing honest prices and hard work. We believe in the Golden Rule sternly, that we need to provide our best workmanship. Martin Hernandez has more than 33 year’s experience and has been a cobbler and a custom shoe designer since the age of 18. He learned this great skill from his father. This skill has been passed down from generation to generation. Martin now has three different store locations to best serve his community. Martin and his family work hard to keep their customers happy and satisfied. He works well with his hands and can provide custom leather goods and repairs. His wife Patricia is great with renovating worn tired leather. We are driven by helping our community and providing excellent customer service. What sets us a part from other Shoe Repairs is that we branch in our services, this includes but is not limited to: Full Soles, Heel’s, Leather Dying, Couch Refinishing, and many more products. We also provide same day services for some repairs. 


Our Story

Martin Hernandez founded Jesman’s Shoe Repair in 2004 along with his Business Partner Jesus Hernandez and his wife Patricia Ortiz. He had a dream about becoming a cobbler in the United States. He began his dream by taking over Jim’s Shoe Repair in March of 2004. He began working side by side his wife and children. His work soon paid off and what was once a small shoe repair grew to a corporation of three branches.

Martin has been working as a cobbler for over thirty years. He first learned of this trait when he was in Mexico. His father, Roberto Hernandez, learned this trait and was able to teach all his children. Martin the oldest worked in his father’s shoe company as a shoe craftsman. Now Martin has taught his children the trait.

At Jesman’s Shoe Repair, we pride ourselves on workmanship and craftsmanship. Our cobblers are all committed to getting a job done the right way the first time. All of Our cobblers have at least twenty years experience. They are also honest and diligent when it comes to working on a pair of shoes or leather goods. Jesman’s provides many services to their customers and guests. Such services they provide may include: Shoe Shines, Leather Repair, Full Soles and Heels, Re-furbishing, and Custom made Shoes, Jackets, Purses, as well as Belts and many more.